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Tsm betting software online football betting strategies craps

Tsm betting software

Some even more cautious bettors might choose to make their bank able to withstand 3 or 4 times the ELS. The standard deviation figure Stan. Next, an important figure, is our Edge. It goes by many names. This is how much profit we can expect to make long term per bet. Next, the Archie Score Archie Sc. It is a way of combining the Chi Score another way of calculating if results are by chance and Monte Carlo Simulations in one figure. Basically, the higher the figure, the better. So the score here of 25 is very good!

Next we can see the current win sequence for this data, which is 12 wins in a row and the current losing sequence which is 0. We can also see that the longest winning run Longest Win Seq was 32 bets in a row which happened between bet No. Also our longest losing run was 5 losses in a row Longest Lose Seq which happened between bet No. We can also see a graph of the profit progress with the current staking plan which is level stakes.

You can click on the small box to enlarge the graph. We can go even deeper into the data and get even more valuable information to understand the nature of this strategy. We can see the winning run sequences. Here we can see that this strategy has had winning runs of 30 or more wins in a row on 3 occasions.

It has had winning runs of 5 in a row on occasions. And we can see a very smooth, consistent and stable change from short winning runs to longer winning runs. We can see the Losing Sequences. This is very important in understanding the nature of our strategy and what kind of mental preparation we need.

This strategy has lost 5 bets in a row on just 1 occasion, and it lost 4 bets in a row on 2 occasions and 3 bets in a row on 11 occasions. TSM is very useful in the way we can see how many times it has had losing runs and what kind of losing runs they were. We can go further into this by looking at the cumulative drawdown tab.

We can see where losing runs came close together and brought the bank lower. The worst case being -7 points drawdown reached on 4 occasions. This is again useful in planning our bank and being prepared for losing runs.

Another tab I find very interesting is the Odds Frequency chart where we can see how often the odds come up in each odds range. We can see this strategy is very heavily under 1. Even better, we can see the edge or yield for each odds range. And we can specify the odds ranges we want to see by editing the top right box. Now I can see that bets under 1. I see that the higher odds bets have the best yield. The 1. Next, and probably the most important feature of TSM is the ability to see which staking plan is the best for your betting strategy.

We see straight away that Fixed Staking Target Profit Staking gets the best results with , points profit Cumulative Profit , but the betting bank does go bankrupt along the way. So we should not use this staking plan with those settings. The best staking plan listed here with no bankruptcy is the Square Root plan with 1, points profit which beat level stakes profit of 97 points by a lot.

The Square Root plan is a form of staking where we bet more when we are in profit and return to original stakes when in loss. We can read more about it on the Staking Machine help file or website. Or you can see an in-depth analysis, demonstration and the best settings for this staking plan in The Staking Plans Book by Tom Whitaker.

We can get a lot information from this screen, for example we can see that using the Square Root Staking plan the biggest stake used would have been 45 units and the smallest stake was 2 units. We can see the average stake was Other important figures are the highest and lowest peaks of 2, and 83 points.

The lowest peak in particular tells us how far down into our initial betting bank we went. If we start with points, then a 83 point low means a loss was the worst we went into our starting bank. When we first click we might see a strange graph as the most successful yet bankrupt staking plan pushes the others out, so we can deselect the bankrupt plans. Then we can see much clearer which staking plans gave the smoothest profit ride.

Hovering the mouse over each line will tell us which one it is. From this we can see that Secure Staking the orange line seems to have the smoothest profit progression. So we would be interested in checking this staking plan out further. One important thing to note here is that each staking plan is on its default settings right now.

That means there may be better settings that can be used to get even more profit out of the strategy. We can see that percentage staking now beats all the other staking plans and gets a result of over 7, points. It is this kind of analysis that can show us very quickly why using one staking plan will be better than others.

We get a profit of , points and the lowest trough was just That looks good. We can check this by doing a Monte Carlo Simulation. This is where the data is shuffled so that the order of matches is randomized. This means we can check if the fixture list had been different, would we still have been ok and not gone bankrupt.

It is a good guide for how safe the staking settings are. You can select how many times that you want to shuffle the data up to a maximum of , times. The more simulations you do, the longer it will take your computer to calculate it. Here we try 1, simulations. Here we get a very important graph that gives us valuable information for selecting the correct stake size.

Good news. The Percentage Staking plan did not go bankrupt in any of the simulations. And the average profit was , points profit. We can see a graph of this. This graph shows the number of times each profit level was reached. We can see that in most cases we will get between , and , points profit.

Even more importantly, we see that the Secure Staking plan that was previously our smoothest staking plan actually went bankrupt on 13 out of 1, simulations. That means that if the fixture list had been different, 13 times we would have gone bankrupt.

That means that the secure staking plan with its current settings is not good for this strategy. You can find the best staking plan for your Betaminic big data betting strategy by slowly increasing the stake size in the staking plan settings, checking it does not go bankrupt, checking the lowest trough is not too low and then checking Monte Carlo simulations to make sure it does not go bankrupt.

By repeating this process you can find the best staking plan for your strategies. One more important concept to think about is profit taking. When do you take out from the bank. Also, these results are based on letting the bank ride for the 7 years that this strategy has been going. In reality, we need decision points where we choose to take out some of the profit or to let it ride.

In The Staking Plans Book , the suggestion is to set profit taking at the doubling point. When the starting bank doubles, then take out the profit and reset the bank to points again. For research purposes this means we are constantly resetting the bank to and seeing how the strategy performs from different starting points.

So it gives us a better way to see how the strategy copes in the bad runs. In reality, when the bank doubles, you can choose to let it ride or take some out. It is a good moment to make a judgement about profit taking. Each time it reached points, it withdrew points and started the bank again. This means it doubled its bank 10 times! If you had not withdrawn the points and let it ride, it would be , points. The mini-graph then has much more meaning for us now.

Each peak is where the bank reached and had a withdrawal. The gaps between the peaks are how long it takes to double the bank. We can see that sometimes there is a long gap where we had a bad run but we still finally got back to doubling the bank.

And there are some short gaps between peaks where we had a good run and doubled the bank quickly. This gives us an excellent visual guide of how much mental discipline we will need to follow this strategy with this staking plan.

Look carefully at the long gaps and imagine if you will be able to wait and persevere through those bad runs so that you can enjoy the good runs. We can see how the winning and losing runs might affect the strategy if the fixture list and order of wins and losses are different in the future. We can see again long gaps and short gaps between doubling the bank. This is a great visual guide for the nature of the strategy and also a key part of big data strategies is that you need a long term plan to take advantage of them and then to stick to the plan without changing things when a bad run comes.

The right staking plan applied to the right strategy can multiple and leverage profits immensely. You can try different staking plan settings to see if you can get better profits without going bankrupt and without having a lower trough. There are a wide variety of settings, and you can find the best general settings for each staking plan in The Staking Plans book where it has already gone through this process for you. The software has many more features to offer including a tie in with a well known automated betting software tool which can make the placing of your back or lay bets automatic.

Download and installation instructions are clearly shown on the Staking Machine website. Its really hard to find fault in this product as its a betting tool that I believe every bettor will benefit from and its very low cost when considering what you get and the benefits it provides. For me this software had paid for itself in a matter of hours Although I've not experienced any myself, I have been made aware that some people have noticed the odd minor 'quirk' in the software, but all these comments have been followed by "but its still a great piece of software that I wouldn't be without".

Additionally, the support provided by The Staking Machine team is very good and they are constantly enhancing the software to ensure it is leading edge and reliable. You can also download a FREE trial of the software so that you can check it out before upgrading to the appropriate full version. At the current prices this is an absolute bargain. Probably best that you purchase it sooner rather than later in case the TSM team decide to put the price up! Back to Reviews Database.

Disclaimer - Important - Please Read. Racing Synergy is a low cost professional software tool by the "betting automation" team, that allows you to easily find overpriced horses that are therefore offering tremendous value. Then its over to you to simply back them or trade them as arbitrage bets. My favourite software solution by far! A must have for the serious bettor. Introduction A key attribute of a successful bettor is their ability to record details of all their betting activity and place the correct stakes on their bets so as to ensure long term profits.

What Is The Staking Machine? What Resources Do You Need? Its Free to download and trial in limited mode Load in any previous data you have from systems or tipsters. Even in limited mode you will be able to see how the numerous staking plans will vary the resulting profits When you decide its a super tool as I'm sure you will, Purchase it to gain full access and utilise the many great features.

This will allow you to do a full analysis of your betting data and determine the correct staking plan s to utilise going forward.


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