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Back lay betting strategies roulette how can i legally bet on the super bowl

Back lay betting strategies roulette

You need four chips for this as you bet one chip on each number ending in 3. Note that numbers 0 through 6 will cost you four chips but final bets on numbers 7 through 9 will cost you only three chips because there are no more numbers after 36 in roulette. By covering larger sections of the wheel, players significantly increase their chances of winning, not to mention the profits will be more substantial since splits, corners, and bets on individual numbers offer a higher return.

There are various trends skilled players may notice when they are betting in a landbased casino. Roulette dealers sometimes involuntarily slip into patterns themselves. When one such dealer spins one black number, for example, there is a high probability of them spinning black five, six or more times during the following rounds.

If you come across one such dealer, the best course of action would be to follow the wheel and adjust your bets on the basis of the trend the dealer displays. Note that you can follow the wheel to your benefit only when your dealer tosses the ball in a consistent, repetitive manner.

Following the wheel will not work if there is a tangible variance in the way the ball is launched because patterns will be extremely difficult to detect. An example of following the wheel would be when you bet on black after this colour has hit four or five times in a row. Such dealers toss the ball more randomly and even if there is a pattern, it lasts for a short while. To bet against the wheel, however, you need to be able to recognize when the dealer will break out of their pattern so that you can bet on the opposite outcome.

Therefore, if the dealer is generally random in the tosses but has spun four high numbers in a row, you might want to bet on a low number next. If you wish to adopt this approach, it is of crucial importance to be able to detect patterns, such as sequences of six odd numbers, six high or six red numbers.

Once six numbers of the same type have been spun, you can bet against the wheel on the opposite. If the last winning numbers have been low like 5, 7, 3, and 11, you might want to bet on the second and third dozens for the next spin. Seasoned players would often recommend roulette novices to be more flexible with their bets. This is not to say they should deviate drastically from their system, throw all caution to the wind, and start making reckless bets.

Being flexible at the roulette table means that players should be able to detect patterns, recognize the signature of the dealer, and use it to their advantage. Being observant may help you detect when to switch from betting against the wheel to following the wheel. To achieve this, the player needs to pay more attention to the numbers which have not appeared for the first thirty tosses of the ball.

A good observer is likely to notice that usually for a course of thirty spins, there are about ten to twelve numbers which remain dormant. Of course, to be able to do so one is required to identify and note the results of the first thirty spins. For example, a player may have noticed the dealer favours a given segment of the wheel so that numbers 32 Red, 15 Black, 19 Red, 4 Black, and 21 Red have not appeared over the course of thirty spins.

Provided there is a change of dealers, you might want to place smaller, Straight Up bets on these numbers. It would be more likely for these dormant numbers to hit because the new dealer will have a different signature. Of course, this is impossible to do when playing online where the outcomes of the spins are indeed random because there is no human element to influence the results. One word of caution — players should not attach themselves to sleeping numbers for too long because such numbers sometimes remain dormant for prolonged periods of time, i.

Some roulette experts have observed numbers who have slept for more than a hundred spins. Most of all, remember that all numbers have equal chances of winning on any individual spin. If your sleepers do not wake up over the course of several spins, you might want to bet on a different outcome to protect your bankroll. The Shotwell betting system gained popularity in the late s but remains in use to this day.

This betting system was designed with the number sequence of the double-zero wheel in mind. It revolves around the idea players can increase their chances of a win by evenly distributing their bets around the wheel. The numbers you bet on are evenly spaced on the wheel so that regardless of where the ball ends up, you still have substantial chances of scoring a win.

The Shotwell system generally utilizes six-number combinations and players bet on one of them in conjunction with four Straight Up bets. One betting unit is wagered on a six-line bet and four units are staked on each of the individual numbers associated with the respective combination.

The six-line combinations and the individual numbers they associate with are the following:. As you can see, this system enables players to cover as many as ten numbers with five betting units only. It practically is irrelevant which combination you choose because no matter where the ball settles, it will never be more than three pockets away from one of the numbers you have bet on. The trouble with this system is that it does nothing to decrease the house edge. Players are recommended to use the Shotwell with caution — only winning with their Straight Up bets consistently can ensure they get ahead and balance off their losses.

This is the case in both American and European roulette which renders the system suitable for either variation of the game. This system calls for making only two bets — one bet on the third column and another one on black to cover the remaining four numbers in this column. It is up to players to decide what base unit to use and how many units each of their two bets should consist of.

The next spin of the wheel may result in several possible outcomes. Similarly to the Shotwell, the Red betting system cannot transform roulette from a negative to a positive expectation game simply because the type of bets you make does not alter the house edge. This betting pattern is based on the idea that roulette wheels are the same in that their numbers are distributed in the same manner. Thus, the numbers of single-zero wheels are spread in the same fashion while double-zero wheels utilize their own number sequence.

On a double-zero wheel, the action number sequence is as follow — 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 20, 21, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, and These numbers are either adjacent on the wheel or are located in close proximity to one another. There are only two exceptions with numbers 14 and If you look closely, you will surely notice that 14 is separated from the other action numbers with two pockets on one side and four pockets on the other side.

Similarly, number 33 has no gaps on one side and four gaps on the other. Now that we have listed all the action numbers, it is time to explain how to use them to your advantage. As you have probably noticed yourself, numbers 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 are located next to each other on the layout and form a Six-line bet — you can place three chips between 10 and 13 to cover them.

Another Six-line bet of three chips can be made on numbers 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, and 33 which also are adjacent on the layout. You position your three chips between 28 and Following a loss, you increase the next bet with one betting unit. Win results in a decrease of one base unit for the next spin.

If a player registers a win in the very first round, they continue to flat bet using their base unit until a loss occurs to vindicate a one-unit increase for the next spin. As you can see, this system is easy enough to understand and follow but how effective is it at the roulette table?

This can be explained by the fact a win after several losses is registered at a higher stake which would suffice to balance out previous bad runs. The betting progression here is flatter so that players do not risk as much money after each consecutive loss. This also reduces the risk of hitting the table maximum or draining your bankroll before you score a win.

Over hundreds of thousands of spins, black and red, odd and even, and high and low outcomes will eventually balance out. But you cannot expect this to happen over the course of a single session. There can be quite notable imbalances in the short term so there is no guarantee you will register an even number of losses and wins to benefit from this system. Also known as the Cancellation system or the Split Martingale, the Labouchere was devised in the 19th century by British politician Henry Labouchere who allegedly was also an avid roulette player.

This is one of the more complex systems where novices are normally required to use a pen and a writing pad in the beginning. The first thing players need to do is again determine the sizing of their base betting unit.

Once done with that, they are required to write down a sequence of positive numbers that sum up to a fixed amount. This predetermined amount corresponds to the overall profits the player is hoping to generate at the end of the session. Each number in the sequence corresponds to a number of betting units. With the first bet, the player stakes an amount that is equal to the sum of the first and the last numbers in the sequence.

If your first bet wins, you cross off 1 and 5, and then sum up 2 and 4 so for your next bet sizing. Provided that you are left with only one number, you bet that amount. This continues either until you have no more numbers on your list, at which point you have reached your winning goal for the sequence, or until you are left with no more money to stake. Similarly to other negative progressions, the Labouchere has one major downfall — players are expected to bet higher and higher amounts after each consecutive loss.

A certain possibility of reaching the table maximum exists as you continually append numbers to your existing sequence. Another downside is its complexity itself as many inexperienced roulette players will find it difficult to remember their sequences by heart to apply at the table.

On the positive side, this system allows for flexibility as players can practically choose any number sequence they wish. The numbers need not be consecutive in value. It is advisable to start with a simple sequence. Incorporating zeros into your sequence is also an option if you want to reduce the amount of risk you take following a loss.

The Fibonacci is among the most commonly known betting systems, largely due to the fact it borrows both its name and principles from the famous sequence of Italian mathematician Leonardo of Pisa , also called Fibonacci. This sequence is incredibly ancient since it was first discovered by Indian mathematicians, although it went by a different name at the time. It consists of series of numbers where each subsequent number is equal to the total of the two numbers which precede it , like this — 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, and so on to infinity.

You may wonder what is so special about this sequence of numbers. So how does this enigmatic number sequence apply to the game of roulette? You probably have already guessed but players who utilize the Fibonacci progression at the roulette table need to adjust their bet sizing on the basis of previous results using the famous sequence.

Thus, you start with one betting unit and if you lose, you bet the amount corresponding to the next number in the sequence. You proceed this way until you register a win, at which point you move down the sequence with two numbers.

For example, you win after staking 21 units, so you stake only 8 units next. This continues on until you turn a net profit at any given time, in which case you either end the session or go back to the very beginning of the sequence. This negative betting progression is not for everybody. Second, the Fibonacci must be the steepest negative progression on planet Earth and as such is only recommended for players with massive bankrolls which would help them endure long strings of losses without going bankrupt.

The Parlay is one of the easiest betting systems for roulette as it requires no mathematical background and is rather simple to follow. Unlike the systems explained above, the Parlay relies on a positive betting progression, which is to say players should up their stakes after a win and reduce them following a loss. If you intend to use the Parlay system, the only thing you need to do is decide on the base amount you want to stake per spin and set a win goal for the session. The system is applicable to all types of bets in roulette, both outside and inside.

This positive betting system is based on letting your winnings ride. On the downside, the Parlay system relies on consecutive wins in order to work. The key is to collect your money as soon as you reach your win goal since all streaks, bad or good, inevitably come to an end. The Paroli is similar to the Parlay in that it, too, is based on a positive progression, which is to say you increase your bet size after a win.

This system has been in use since the 16th century when gamblers applied it to the card game Basset. In modern times the system is applied mostly in games of chance like roulette and baccarat, but some players use it with a great success in dice games like craps and Sic Bo.

The goal is to secure three wins in a row. However, if the first bet is successful, the player proceeds by betting two base units. In the event of losing the second bet, the player returns to their initial base stake, but if they win again, they double their next wager to four units. Once they have registered three consecutive wins, the players drop back to their original, one-unit stake. Each time a cycle of three consecutive wins is complete, the player collects a profit of seven units which would suffice to offset the small losses they have accumulated on previous spins.

Many argue the strength of this system lies in the fact three consecutive wins with even-money bets are hardly a rare occurrence in roulette. Therefore, the Paroli system is said to reduce the risk of accruing massive losses while allowing players to generate small but consistent profits. For the most part, the system is the opposite of the Martingale betting progression, only a ceiling is set to the maximum amount you put on stake.

Players can exploit this tendency by staking lesser amounts during bad runs and increasing their bets should they detect the beginning of a winning streak. You start by betting one base unit on an even-chance outcome. If you win, you increase your next stake with one base unit. Should a loss occur, your bet size remains the same or one unit. The goal of the player is to register a profit of one unit and once this happens, they reduce their stakes back to the initial, one-unit sizing.

The player returns to their base stake as soon as they win one unit, regardless of whether they have made it to betting four units or not. One very important peculiarity of this system is that players neither reduce or increase their wagers after they suffer a loss — level betting is used instead. This progression relies on the idea that winning streaks can compensate for bad runs in the short term.

One major disadvantage of this system is that it cannot help players capitalize on individual wins or choppy sequences, where winning and losing results alternate. The system derives its strength from consecutive wins. In fact, single lucky spins work to the disadvantage of the players because they are expected to up their bets following a win. Many recreational roulette players opt for the level or flat betting approach in an attempt to protect their bankrolls.

As has become evident, most roulette systems are based on mathematical progressions where players vary their bet sizing depending on the outcomes of previous spins.


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The first step is to head to your favourite betting exchange. Next, find the market you want to bet on. I want to place my bet on the fourth Ashes Test. This is the important bit. Betting exchanges differentiate between the two by using different colours. At Smarkets, green represents a back bet and blue represents a lay bet. Another way to distinguish between the two, the lay bets are always on the right-hand side. Betfair and other exchanges use a different colour scheme but you can find out more about that in our betting exchange guide.

A few years ago, as online gambling became more appealing and more bookies sprang up, so did the competition in the betting industry. The only way for bookies to attract and keep new customers is to offer them incentives to keep them betting much like this Smarkets free bet. Bettors take advantage of these free bets and bonuses and make a guaranteed profit in the process.

Back lay betting is the main concept behind matched betting and other low-risk trading strategies. It allows punters to make a guaranteed profit without putting their own money at risk. This concept can be quite challenging for matched betting beginners so bookmark this page and come back to it, if necessary. For almost every matched betting offer you complete, you place two bets. One back bet and one lay bet, on the same market. In this scenario, one bet will always win and one will always lose.

By using this back and lay betting strategy, your two bets effectively cancel each other out making matched betting completely risk-free. Before you access a free bet or bonus, you often need to stake a certain amount of money. So an offer may look something like:. Matched bettors use the back and lay process to achieve this risk-free. Check out this article for more information on how matched betting works. So we know what back and lay betting is and we know how to use it.

When it comes to matched betting, you can select any market to place your bets. However, some markets are better than others. Our first tip is to select a market where the back and lay odds are close together. The tighter the odds, the more money you make. This tip has a significant impact on the profitability of your matched betting in and beyond.

If the back odds were 5. Ultimately, you should look for lay odds that are lower than the back odds. As I mentioned above, this would allow you to make a guaranteed profit irrespective of the outcome. If this is the case, I suggest you move on and look for another market to place your back and lay bets.

You can work out the exact numbers using our lay betting calculator more on this below. Our second tip also relates to matched betting: always place the back bet before the lay bet. By placing the back bet first, you have a greater chance of salvaging the situation.

Check out this article for more information on common mistakes and how to avoid them. The back and lay betting calculator is one of the most important tools for matched bettors. Punters use this tool to work out the qualifying loss, overall profit, liability and pretty much everything else to complete their matched bets.

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