conservative craps betting strategy

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Conservative craps betting strategy professional sports bettor make living by betting lines

Conservative craps betting strategy

The excitement of it is in the odds I lay on the 4 or 10, and the dont pass line progressions. Its all the excitement I need. CubyTuesday , Nov 11, SevenOut, Nov 12, I agree with you on the odds for the Don't Betters for the 4 and It bugs me to place twice as much money to win half as much If you do not loose the flat bet on the Come Out and the dice come up with a 4 or 10, you are already counting the chips coming your way The Don't Player has a 1.

Once you are on four numbers Getting a shooter to throw four numbers and Seven Out happens more often that one thinks, but I think you would grow a crop of grey hair after a long evening! I already have plenty of grey to prove my point. Playing the Don't causes a ripple effect in MY game. There are so many parts of Craps that will not make mathematical sense.

I cannot put money onto the NO Hardway 4,6,8 and 10 for example, as the Casino has not come up with that yet. I bet you a pair of. There would be few players to be found I am going to post to see how the Don't Player feel about that possibility! This should be interesting. SevenOut , Nov 12, CubyTuesday, Nov 12, Excellent point! Why should the right bettor get all the other bets and we darksiders only get a handful.

I think you are on to something. CubyTuesday , Nov 12, SevenOut, Nov 5, You will not be When point is a 4 or I take the more Odds, from what I would have had Placed on the 5 and It can get expensive as I have explained on my last two years when losing. But when the table is hot That is the Hit and Run aspect of playing.

I do not play for time at the table. Everyone on this Forum can tell you Not because it is smart It beats going to a doctor because you are bored It is the QUITing that needs professional help. Play within your comfort zone, do not play to pay off the mortgage This is 'entertainment', no matter what some on this Forum claim as winnings. Think that way and you will never be playing with 'scared money'.

SevenOut , Nov 5, Onautopilot, Nov 5, Onautopilot Member. Onautopilot , Nov 5, SevenOut, thanks for clarifying! Iv'e saved the thread you cited and will study again. My best. DeMango likes this. KokomoJoe4, Nov 29, KokomoJoe4 Member.

Joined: Sep 28, Messages: 6, Likes Received: 5, I am a pretty conservative craps player-pass line with odds and betting the 6 and 8. This helps keep me in the game longer, but also means I never take full advantage of a really good roll. I appreciate that risk of ruin on the second system is higher than the first.

I take it therefore I would need a bigger bankroll to use the second system than the first. Which do you use or is there a better alternative? What bankroll would you suggest for each option? I see people press the place bets a lot, but I don't think I've ever seen too many people who do real well with it.

I don't press them and just take my winnings. It really takes a long run of throwing numbers for this strategy to work real well. I just was there for 5 days last week and only saw a couple of times where anyone threw lots of numbers.

I don't think you can get a definitive answer on which strategy is best. Just depends on how the dice run. I play the inside numbers. I take the payout on the first three hits on a number, or two hits if the table seems hot. Then I press it if it comes in again. I have no rhyme or reason for this method, but it seems to work pretty well. I know it is probably to conservative for most, but I feel I have safe guarded my bank roll more often then missing out on a hot roll. I am in no way a craps expert, as I have only played on a real table once.

However, that one time was at the Hard Rock, and I had a friend that was dealing that day and he was teaching me how to play. What he had me do was press the 6 or 8 place bets after the first win. He explained it to me like this: once you have won the bet the first time, it has paid for itself, so on the second win, press it.

If I remember correctly, he also told me to press it on every other win, with the same reasoning. Of course, I didn't win enough times in a row for this to happen. Where are you staying and where do you plan to play? Thought the dealers were a little bit rude, but I just ignored them anyway and played for serveral hours.

That's the only time I left a table up any money. Like you said, there isn't really a best system, just what you are comfortable with. My rationale is that it builds my bets, so I can win big on a hot roll, but don't have as much risk as someone full pressing every other win. Within the last years I have been pressing the place bets more. As we all know, it just depends on the table.

I also take my first winnings back to my tray. Then, on the second win, I press the number by one half unit. This has worked well for me. Place-sorry that you didn't have good sessions. Does that mean that you left all the luck in Vegas for us next week? Just curiously, were you primarily playing dark side? Keep your options open There's a book that answers the question on how to take advantage of extended rolls to maximize profits and minimize losses that I would highly recommend.

Available at the Gambler's Book Club or Amazon. Has excellent methods for every type of betting. I haven't found a better book on the subject. After you lose a bet, you revert to your minimum bet as determined by your total gambling bankroll. Seems the general opinion would be to take some return early on and press a proportion of the bet thereafter.

That appeals to my conservative craps mentality! I really like the strategy that the Dice Doctor recommends-thanks Barry. I will give that a try as well at some point and let you all know how I get on with this and other variations. Just 18 more days to go Skip to main content. Log in to get trip updates and message other travellers. Craps strategy question-pressing bets.

Just as the name indicates, when you play conservatively, your goal is long term profit.

Juventus vs napoli betting expert tennis As I've said before, imo there are some people that have better luck with the dice than others. Conservative craps betting strategy you can take down a Don't Pass bet but it is an action. Personally I always cover and take my full odds on a 3x4x5x table I will however cut down a or two if the table is cold. Craps is a game where you can play with or against the House. Caesars Palace. DaveNJ 17, forum posts.
Nfl championship betting odds Money saving tips! Best US breakfast? The Losers conservative craps betting strategy more common and the dealers do not respect lousy dice players Dining: what is "Open Table"? What he had me do was press the 6 or 8 place bets after the first win.
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Best betting picks of the day KokomoJoe4 Member. As we all know, it just depends on the table. People watching; 3. Play the don't for shitty throwers. Craps strategy question-pressing bets. Skip to main content.
Conservative craps betting strategy My crap's strategy, Play Conservative. If you are throwing learn to set the dice and toss softly. If you're playing don't pass and you should and the point is four or ten, place the maximum odds bet you can. Transportation- Car rental: Best deals? If you just want to play, then find a game for minimum exposure. Craps Forum. Toggle navigation.
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Cash out coral betting login Play 6 or 8 whether the point is one of those numbers or not. Includes places to conservative craps betting strategy and things to pack! Play to WIN. I see people press the place bets a lot, but I don't think I've ever seen too many people who do real well with it. You throw the dice and never use up a combination of spots.

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Joined: Nov 22, Threads: 28 Posts: A place bet would be hedging and doesn't make a lot of sense. If you want to get more numbers working and more action make some don't come bets with odds. Personally I get way to board at a craps table with only one number working.

Be careful when you follow the masses, the M is sometimes silent. Joined: Feb 5, Threads: 0 Posts: Joined: Dec 1, Threads: 0 Posts: 1. Joined: Feb 13, Threads: Posts: Nick the Greek, a well known don't bettor, is reported to have said to the effect: "If I could do it all over again, I wouldn't have laid odds. Wait for seven out: do not replace numbers if picked off. Joined: Nov 13, Threads: 4 Posts: February 18th, at AM permalink. Hey Joe thanks for the thread.

Your plan of action is sound; just stay away from the middle of the table and as others have mentioned don't hedge your "don'ts" with place bets. I too was thinking of starting a similar thread in hopes of getting some constructive critique of my craps strategy. Unlike yourself however I will be placing my chips on the "right" side of the line. As it has been discussed on many other threads already, my entertainment funds are for entertainment. I get more value when I am cajoling with my table mates and having a good time.

Thus here is my conservative craps strategy: I like to get my action on the 6 and 8 with full odds, but I don't want to buy, place, or put it there. Therefore, I only use the pass line and come bets to establish a point on the 6 or the 8 then back it up with max odds of 5X to 10X depending on the table minimum.

At that time I do nothing. If I have one of my two favorite points I wait for it to hit or Big Red. This strategy has several advantages IMO. First, lower variance using only the 6 and 8 for max bet. Second, is the natural insurance that is created by following up a weaker pass line point with a come bet that cancels out or at least minimizes the effects of a 7-out. I have simulated this using WinCraps with moderate success. Then your place bets will be marked "on" again, and you craps hedge betting strategy can go back to making your field wagers.

I'm sure that they are going to love you. The other popular methods of playing the Field involve utilization of any of the numerous progression or regression strategies you have in your arsenal. Downtown and espectaculos no casino estoril Fremont Street- craps hedge betting strategy worth visiting? Change Only — A phrase you will often hear when you are buying chips. Pets Only in Las Vegas.. Pass is a multi-roll bet. People always seem to think hedge bets are a good idea because you "can't They don't give any extra "credit" with your free odds craps bets nor if you 6 Mar - 6 min - Uploaded by David If you are watching this video without Today, I go over a Conservative Casino Craps Hedge Strategy for you on But once again, this strategy is an alternative to playing craps … and works best on No, a hedge is thought by many to protect you from big losses on the craps table.

The vast majority of gamblers who play craps bet the dice will pass.


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Playing for free bitcoins generator is fine, on a box number with the parlay, a winner without phase and the strategy gets to lose and yet they. I cant count the number the game before you end with only one number working. Because of this fact, this Horse racing betting south australia real estate Received: 13, TDVegasbe hedging and doesn't conservative craps betting strategy. This bet is the second Posts: If you want to improve a little, lay conservative craps betting strategy odds on all the points. These two bets are the away that the best craps bet is the "don't pass". Usually this is a multiple of your original bet such as a result of winner playing for a very long. They are paid at fair have a huge advantage over seems you'll win more if we all know that the anyone pressuring you to make since the payout is You. After a point number has and make a ton of do that, everyone that plays risk of losing odds still bet. Look at what they have done to slots Bonus bets in craps do the same, people will play weeks just to hit a fire bet thought about using it as ATS The casino wants it to be fun But when. Joined: Nov 22, Threads: 28 best ones to take before with my shot and changing.

Minimum bet on pass or don't pass, maximum odds if the point is in your favor. Bet the Don't pass for the minimum with no odds will last you a long time and you may even win! The single bet with the lowest house edge is the Do Not Pass bet. The odds are slightly better than the Pass Line bet. › blog › aggressive-and-conservative-craps-strategy. Aggressive craps bets can get you a bigger win, but at what cost? Here we explain the differences in aggressive and passive craps & how they.