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Pure profit matched betting review betting soccer tab nsw au

Pure profit matched betting review

So I tried to persuade him to stop. The idea behind which is to take advantage of promotional offers that betting companies offer. In this post, I explain exactly what matched betting is, how it works and how you can get started. Sound good? In the betting industry, bookmakers use welcome offer s to attract new customers, and existing customer offers to keep customers. Welcome offers come in two forms: a free bet or a bonus. In either case, you would need to place a qualifying bet, an initial bet after registering with a bookmaker.

Of course, at this stage, there is the risk of losing your initial stake. The goal at this stage is to break even, to neither make a profit or a loss but to qualify for the offer in question — and then to profit from the welcome offer. Some bookmakers offer a bonus for joining instead. This basically means that you have to place a specific number of bets — which differs for different bookmakers — to be able to withdraw any money.

I would recommend starting with SNR free bets first then bonus welcome offers. But before you place your first bet, read and understand their terms and condition. The terms and conditions are quite long but I would highly recommend giving it a read. Here are the things you must do, though:. A betting exchange is a marketplace where bettors bet against each other and is the key that makes Matched Betting risk-free — exchanges such as Betfair Exchange gives you the ability not only to back an outcome but also to lay, to bet against an outcome in an event.

In essence, the invention of the betting exchange has given bettors the power of taking bets, previously at the disposal of only bookmakers. If so far, you found it difficult to follow along, then I would recommend trying Profit Maximiser — they have how-to video tutorials on all new and existing customers offers on the market. To work out exactly how much to lay, I headed over to OddsMonkey and used their free handy calculator.

The loss in the qualifying stage can be minimised to zero by finding back and lay odds very close to each other, which happens close to the start of an event, from my experience. To maximise the amount you can extract from the free bet, find an event with some high odds:. As you can see, West Brom winning is very unlikely, as indicated by the higher odds. In this case, you have to back West Brom using your free bet. In order not throw away your hard worked for free bet, you would have to lay your selection at similar odds at Betfair Exchange:.

Not bad for the amount of work involved. Matched Betting with Profit Accumulator Discussion thread. Matched Betting a Definitive Guide - Please read before attempting! Tropic Pure Plant Skincare Discussion. Profit Squad discussion thread. Help with website needed please. Federico Mahora Reps - General Discussion. Charlotte R Kirsty I get where you're coming from, I started the end of March and was as sceptical as it gets, I sat on it a month or two thinking it couldn't work.

Then I did the free offers and actually made money so suddenly it seemed worth paying for the membership because I could cancel it easily enough and as I'd made more than that from the free offers, it'd actually cost me nothing. And I've not looked back since. I made good money from this, then pretty much stopped for a couple of months, and then I started back up a few weeks ago.

I don't do advertising places, I started with profit accumulator and it did what I needed, then quickly the owner became too big for his boots, it stopped being friendly or helpful and they started making errors in what they posted. I switched to pure profit a few weeks back and love it. There are other places out there, and I looked into joining those as well at the start, but I can honestly say I don't feel I need anywhere else now.

If you need any help or advice, feel free to message me and I'll help all I can x. See last answer. Your browser cannot play this video. Good to see lots of new members joining in the last few days just in time to make some extra money before Christmas. Search a thread. Kirsty E I really would like to give it a try but I just have so many doubts about it. Thanks already for all that replied.

Self-employed Profit Squad discussion thread. In answer to Kirsty E Hi all, I only discovered matched betting yesterday on MSE. I am a very poor student with a 15 month old to support so could desperately do with some extra money.

The main thing concerning me is that my maths really isn't up to much. Do sites like pure profit make it crystal clear to you what you need to do as I really need my hand holding with this! Thanks very much Any advice gratefully received x. In answer to Anonymous. Hya Lindsay, Yes Pure Profit have excellent support and will hold your hand as much as needed, their is a brilliant member support page on Facebook, and you can also get 1 to 1 support via chat email or skype.

I would also be available via this thread to help if you needed it. And my maths is pants aswell so if i can manage it i am sure you could too,let me know if you need any more info or help.


Or select offers with a minimum expected value, so you only see the most lucrative offers available. This is where you can easily access every section of your Profit Accumulator account. You can also fully customise your dashboard to include or exclude the information you want:. My favourite element of the dashboard is the profit tracker details. This is a great way to keep you motivated and a constant reminder every time you login of how much money your matched betting efforts have produced so far.

It takes a few seconds each day and is a great way of keeping track of everything. On the same page as the profit tracker tool is the balance sheet tool. You can use this tool to keep track of how much of your working bank is in bookmakers and how much is in exchanges. When you first join Profit Accumulator, you have 3 options.

If you follow the instructions and complete the sign up offers as instructed, you should be able to comfortably cover the cost of your entire yearly subscription within your first week of completing offers.

There is an in depth training section in your account which teaches you everything you need to know about matched betting. There are helpful videos and detailed written explanations, depending on what way you find easier to learn and absorb information. There is no better, or more supportive place, to learn exactly how to master matched betting, and earn lots of tax free money in the process.

As a platinum member you also get access to all the specialist custom made calculators and software that Profit Accumulator has made. Each one of these tools are very easy to use, and each one gives you a unique way to extract risk free profits from the bookmakers when used properly.

Full training is given on how to use each tool too. If you have any questions at all, or are unsure of anything, then you can always speak to a member of the friendly support staff, or get help on the Profit Accumulator forum. Which takes me on nicely to the next parts of this Profit Accumulator review. The team behind Profit Accumulator are very responsive when it comes to supporting members.

You can reach out for support via email, telephone, Facebook messenger, and of course on their private forum. No matter what problem you have with any aspect of your matched betting, you will always have a member of the team or community there to help you out.

The support and tips you get from the forums on a daily basis are invaluable. When I first started, it was reading and interacting with the large community of users that really helped me along and I discovered lots of tips and tricks which allowed me to massively increase my profits. The forum also acts as great inspiration, especially if you are just starting out your journey. It then goes up in increments until you get to the full time, ultra high earners club, which to date only has 3 members in it so far….

Remember, all these profits are tax free. Another perk of doing the many signup and reload casino offers in Profit Accumulator, apart from them being very profitable in the long run, is that once in a while you are likely to land a nice big win out of the blue.

So far there are 2, posts on that forum, which gives you an idea of how common these big wins are. Again, another very popular thread with people posting their massive casino win screenshots every day to show just what is possible. With the massive competition in the industry, they have to provide enticing offers and promotions in order to keep these losing players with them, and attract new players in the process.

This means that there will always be free bets, bonuses and promotions for matched bettors to take advantage of and profit from. This is different. To make this amount of profit, you will probably have to dedicate around 1 hour a day to matched betting on average. Since you can join Profit Accumulator absolutely free to begin, there is no expense required there. You get to join Profit Accumulator for a free trial for 7 days, and there is no credit card required to do the free trial.

You have 2 options when it comes to joining Profit Accumulator as a platinum member, monthly or yearly. Read through it if you like, it gives you a bit more of an idea of the offers that can be completed every month, but it is a bit out of date now. To find out how much I have made since February , and exactly how much money you will be able to make with this community, read on below.. Note, most recent earnings update below is from 4th January I stopped posting the updates after that as it was taking a lot of time, and near enough a full year of detailed monthly updates gives you a good idea of what to expect.

February was a decent month, which was much needed after January, when the bookies must have been getting over the xmas and new year periods because the reload offers were quite thin on the ground. Maybe I was just thinking this because December and the xmas period had been so brilliant with the amount of offers the bookmakers were handing out. A little bit like February, the first week of March was quite quiet, but there was good reason for this. The second week of March every year brings with it the notorious Cheltenham Festival.

The good thing about this is the bookmakers up their game and provide great reload offers and free bets to get as many punters to bet with them as possible. This meant that from Tuesday 10th March through to Friday the 13th of March only 4 days!

Needless to say I will be more prepared for the festival next year and will be expecting to make much more! Cheltenham was rounded off nicely when one of my mates, who I had referred to the Profit Accumulator site just before xmas, messaged me on the Friday and sent me the following screen shot via Whatsapp:. The screenshot shows the aftermath of the elusive 3 pots of gold bonus round on the Rainbow Riches slot machine.

I have hit this bonus twice myself in the past when doing risk free slots offers, but he hit the top prize of x multiplier! The two occasions I hit the bonus it was x60 and x, which I was more than happy with at the time. As I write this update, there is a week and a half left of March and already it has been a record breaking earnings month for me so far.

Just another quick update today for you guys. The Facebook group now private forum is as busy as ever with people helping each other out and sharing their experiences and earnings. I wish you guys all the success with this and hope you continue to profit from it for years to come. As I mentioned in my previous update, the Cheltenham Festival is 4 days of horse racing madness with all the free money flying about from bookmakers.

Bookmakers will be rolling out the red carpets to get new customers for this, and with it only being one single race, they only have one chance at doing it right. Hello again, time for another quick update on earnings. Well I went one better this week…. Anyone familiar with the Rainbow Riches slot machine will notice that the multipliers in the above picture are higher than the standard 3 leprechaun bonus, which maxes out at x By my calculations that means that the community is growing at a rate of over 50 new members every single day, which is unbelievable!

I still remember when i first joined and there were only a few hundred members, amazing how quickly things are growing. Anyway, as I also mentioned in the last update, the Grand National weekend is almost upon us. This is a great opportunity for matched betters to make great profits from the offers the bookies will be offering people. Hello again guys, time for another earnings update. These offers are not risk free, HOWEVER, you need to have an understanding of what long term positive expected value means to know that you should absolutely be doing these offers.

You may lose money on 5 of them in a row. However, over the long term, these offers are profitable, and by not doing them you are leaving a LOT of money on the table. Now I should add that this is a very rare occurrence. However, you will profit on these bingo offers regularly if you follow the instructions given properly in the members section. This took place last Saturday, and there were some great offers to take part in on the day itself. So what happened? Ah well, win some lose some.

Maybe be able to get a couple of updates a month in if I get the chance though. First thing I did on the day, which was the Tuesday before last if I remember correctly, was check all the bingo offers I had done the day before. I usually do the offers all at once, then instead of wasting time waiting and checking them as I go, I just login to them one after another the next day to see how they have went.

Well, I say happy days, but it turned out it was going to get a LOT happier…. I then logged in to my email account and noticed I had an email there from one of the bingo companies that I had done an offer on the day before, and not checked yet. The subject line read…. Again, once I had checked the game I had won, I realised it was a big jackpot game that I had used the points the bingo sites give you for spending money on games. The point is though, the more you put in to this, the more you get out of it in terms of profit.

I could track my profit to the penny every month, but have no desire to do so. I will still be able to cherry pick the best value offers so hopefully the earnings will stay relatively good going forward. Who knows though, based on the last 6 weeks I might keep the lucky streak going! I will try my best to get another update on earnings up before the end of May.

Hi guys, hope everyone is well and making lots of profit. I will let you guys know how my progress in June is going at around the half way stage hopefully. Ok, so on to June. I keep forgetting to take screen shots, as I know you guys like to see the proof of the winnings. I will get to the nitty gritty details at the end of this update, but first I want to talk a bit more about Profit Accumulator.

Now obviously once you join as a free member on the website there are actual example step by step videos showing you exactly how to match the bets, but the above video is a basic explanation of the premise. I noticed something else crazy the other day about the Profit Accumulator Facebook group now private forum too, check this out:. To see the amount of platinum members hit 7, is unreal. Based on the premier league starting again in August, along with the rest of the football leagues, and also with the xmas period towards the end of the year which if it was anything like the xams period last year, will be amazing for matched bettors!

Hi again, hope everyone is good. This was won on only my third spin of a risk free slots offer, it was one of those bonus rounds that just kept on getting better and better with every free spin. These sort of bonus rounds only come along once every couple of months or so, but they are a very welcome addition when they do.

Hi again guys, hope everyone has had a profitable month. I personally had a great month in July with great reloads being offered for Glorious Goodwood helping a bit, and some brilliant slots reloads too. More to come on that…. Not nearly as much as Cheltenham or the Grand National, but it is still an important week. There were a plethora of reloads offered by the bookies, with one in particular offering great reloads on both the first and last day, which I took full advantage of for some nice profits.

In my first 6 months or so matched betting, while I still made really good money, I never struck lucky with any big wins at all really. The best I would post would be couple hundred pound wins on slots now and then. This is just variance, and judging on the last 6 months or so, I am riding a very good variance upswing! Long may it continue. It would appear my optimistic view of there being 15, members by the end of the year is going to be a big underestimation. Hope everyone is doing well with their matched betting and made lots of money in August.

Well due to circumstances I had been hindered in pursuing this but an opportunity has arisen this month which means I can pretty much go full steam ahead with it, and also bank a lot more profit in the process. It is another way to make money online, again that pretty much everyone can do, and the profits can be obscene… All very similar to matched betting!

Never had any huge wins which is normal, just not for me the last few months, my lucky run may be fizzling out , but the return of the premier league has meant that there are a constant stream of reload offers to be had during the week, and especially on Saturdays and Sundays. On top of the bunch of reload offers I managed to hit a couple of decent wins on slots reload offers, just nothing huge.

These were my 2 best:. With the time I have had to commit to this, I am quite happy with that total. If you have read my full blog post you will see that I predicted this would happen back in July after the first price increase was implemented. Hi again guys, another month down and all of a sudden we are three quarters of the way through the year already! The countdown to xmas will be creeping up on us soon. In the early days of joining it was essential as far as I was concerned. While you can complete the offers just based on reading the detailed instructions and watching the videos provided in the platinum members area of the website, there are often ways to get extra value out the offers that members spot and would discuss in the Facebook group.

It was very easy to navigate and use if you followed the instructions, but some members just found it too difficult to use. Well, as of last week Profit Accumulator launched the private forum for platinum members, which is hosted on the website itself. At first I thought this was a bad idea, but after a couple of days of using it I can see why they made the decision.

Now it is literally impossible not to be able to navigate to every offer easily and follow exactly what is going on with it by interacting with the other members. It means that the people who failed to read the instructions on how to navigate the Facebook group can now navigate the new private forum easier as it is pretty much completely idiot proof.

Another great addition to the already great service that the Profit Accumulator guys provide for the ridiculously low membership costs. It was also down to hitting a lot of lucky wins too, but that comes with ploughing through more offers. I will be back at the beginning of November with my next update, and hopefully it will be with a better total!

Hi everyone, hope you are all good. I know there are plenty who can, and do, though. These all added up to some very decent profits. Out with these, there were all the regular reload offers posted on Profit Accumulator as expected which is where most of the money every month comes from. Hi again everyone, December is upon us and xmas fiasco is just round the corner.

Historically a time of year I loathe but if December is anything like it was in then us matched bettors are in for a reload bonanza. In fact, if it turns out anything like last month, then we are in for a real treat as well. November was a month full of loads of great football and horse racing refunds, with plenty of great value money makers on a daily basis.

Like I said, some very impressive totals there, and that was just a few of the posts on the November earnings thread that has only been live for 4 days now. So, moving on to my own November total. Hi again everyone, hope you all had a great xmas and new year. As expected, December was a great month for matched betting reload offers, and January has been great so far too. I took it easy in the week from xmas to new year, and also had to move house a few days just before xmas, but apart from that I was getting involved in lots of the great football and slots reload offers that were popping up.

Unfortunately, as I kind of expected the last couple of months, I fell a bit short. I should say that this was more due to not being able to commit as much time to matched betting as I needed to, as opposed to it not being possible to do.

I have big plans for , of which matched betting will continue to play a part, but I will be dedicating most of my time to other more lucrative projects that I will be sharing with you guys on the blog in time. So make this year count, and never worry about money again. All the best to each and every one of you with your matched betting efforts in , and remember…. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. I already have accounts with every bookmaker in the country so how can I still benefit and how much? I too had accounts with a lot of the UK bookmakers before I joined.

These are offers that get added to the website and private Facebook group every day which allow you to make ongoing profits by taking advantage of them on your existing accounts. Hi Jamie, So it works like surebets? You bet in two different bookmakers so it looks like it. If you just follow the instructions in this review and join the site for free, you will get access to the first two offers completely free and also a lot of the educational videos and articles which explain exactly how everything works, step by step.

You are essentially doing the same thing over and over again, except there are slight differences and nuances that come with each offer. Best of luck with it and I hope you go ahead and join and start making even more risk free money. How do you calculate how much you have made doing matched betting. This confuses me a little because you are putting money in for your qualifing bet. Do we subtract that from the money made? Different members like to keep track of things to a different degree.

Other members have created super spreadsheets that track everything down to the exact penny, which you will get access to as well. Hi Jamie, I was wondering where does most of your matched betting income come from. I guess you do all those reloads, refunds and daily promotions? Could you please mention how much of your monthly income is from welcome bonuses, refunds, reloads, casino, slots?

You mentioned you aim at daily. Are there refunds every day — like saturday horse racing, sunday football, monday grey hounds or whatever? Thank you very much. Make sure you read through all the training pages once you have become a platinum member and you will see that there are lots of ways you can make profit every day with the various methods taught.

Loving this review. I have also joined Profit Accumulator and I am in exactly the same position and have exactly the same question as Aron Glad you are also doing well with the matched betting. To answer your question, if you want to get the absolute maximum amount of money out of PA, then you just need to do pretty much every single reload offer available. That includes all the various refunds that are available every day.

This will take a bit of time to learn and get good at them, but after a few weeks of doing them day in, day out, you will be able to blast through everything pretty quickly. The best thing to do is head over to the Profit Accumulator website and contact the support on there and they might be able to help you out with more information.

They are very quick to respond and are a friendly, knowledgeable team. Hi Jamie, I found this website out completely by accident the other day. I have a few questions though 1. Am I ever going to suffer a loss? What is a liability? With my experience with making money online over the years I would be extremely cautious of this review myself if I encountered it too! My advice would be to head over to the Profit Accumulator website and just join for free.

Hey James Thanks for the review, explains a little more that I wanted to know before going ahead and paying. Can you answer me 1 more question, payment methods? I read somewhere that he says to use your card details on he sites you sign up to, is this true and if so can you explain why need to? Most of the sites I signed up to I was able to use Paypal for depositing. Well to answer your first question, Profit Accumulator their selves do accept PayPal as a payment method as I use PayPal to pay for my membership, so you can too.

Let em explain…. They insist on new customers using a debit card on their first deposits to qualify for the free bet promotions. There are some that allow PayPal as a first deposit method out there though. Also, most of them allow you to use PayPal as a deposit method to do the reload offers after the initial sign up offer.

I was in the same boat as you regarding the card details when I first joined, and there is a quite simple way around it that a lot of the platinum members, including me use. Hi, I want to know about this Profit Accumulator. Can i join this service if i am living outside of UK? I read with interest the comments made about PA however, it seems that the concept of matched betting is foolproof, provided one follows the rules and I understand how it works. What I wonder: Is the system sustainable?

Are there really that many re-load free bet offers to perpetuate the system, or does the whole thing just dry up after the initial freebies are exhausted? Sorry about the delay in replying to your comment, been very busy this last few weeks and also been out of the country for a while.

Yes, absolutely. There are multiple reload offers added to the Profit Accumulator site every day. Again, yes. Then I just get on with running my other projects and business. You will never have a shortage of reload offers to do. There are loads of them available to do every single day. I was wondering how can you make money and actually be able to withdraw them without having to wager the amount about 5x? Thank you and sorry to be a pain! It is true what you say that some bookmaker bonuses require you to wager the bonus they offer.

The other thing to remember is this, you only have to wager the bookmaker bonus when the bet actually wins. When betting on high odds outcomes, the bet rarely wins with the bookmaker, so your money is returned to your betting exchange account where you have your lay bet placed.

Hi do you think the bookies will cop on to all this matched betting stuff or would the fact that matched betting being geared towards winning on the exchanges for the most part and losing money on the bookie sites mean that essentially theyre too big to care as they still have punters money coming in and more accounts to spam with their advertising etc. Or whatever amount is realistic starting off And also if you dont mind me asking further…are football and horse racing the only sports you are best sticking to?

In my case that would suit. Matched betting has been around for a long time and bookmakers are well aware of it. While you are aiming to win in the exchange most of the time, and lose with the bookies, overall it is the bookies who take the brunt of the losses long term.

I think the bookmakers have no option but to accept it as they have no way of knowing if someone is a mug punter or a matched bettor. With a platinum membership you also get access to the premium version of the software for matching up the bets, which is updated every minute I believe. Without access to the software and info, you will struggle to get maximum value for your bets, and also struggle to find as many offers and understand fully how to do them.

Yeah, football and horse racing are the only sports you ever need for matched betting. Other regularly played sports, like tennis for example, often have different rules on certain outcomes with the bookmakers and exchanges, so makes matching bets tricky. Thinking of joining this — quick query, how much time will this take to see any real returns? I work office so is there any chance I will get a return from this?? Best thing to do id to head over to the Profit Accumulator site and email the support directly and they will be able to assist you better.

If u join up to PA do the pick your bets for u our do u have to find your own bets and site were to match them up. When you join the site you match up your own bets. They provide a very easy to use odds matching tool which enables you to find the best matches. The software updates once every minute so makes matching the bets very easy.

I would like to say thank you for a very detailed guide on Profit Accumulator. Before I do join as a Platinum member I have a few questions that I was wondering if you could help with please. I work from and then in the evenings I spend time with my family, the only time have available is after 9pm. How much money would you recommend starting with and how many hours a day should I spend on it, please bear I only have the time after 9pm and early in the morning?

It takes everyone a different amount of time to complete offers, and it depends how many times you are having to wait for withdrawals from bookmakers which can slow your progress when your bankroll is still quite small. The more practice you get, the easier and quicker you will find it. Same goes with early in the morning. If i sign up for the free trial, could you tell me which are the two bookmakers i could make my first offers on please?

The first two bookmaker offers that Profit Accumulator provide you with full instructions on for free are Coral and Betfred. Even if you have accounts with them already, still watch the videos and read the explanation, as all other offers are pretty much identical anyway, so you will be using the same process over and over again. Once you know how to do one, then the rest are all the same, just sometimes with some minor differences.

These are all explained in the platinum area for each offer, so you have nothing to worry about. How are you trebling that consistently?? If you read through the earnings reports I give a brief description of where most the money has been won.

The vast majority of people who are members of Profit Accumulator and follow the instructions will fall between these two monthly earning brackets. Anybody can do it, it just comes down to how much time you want to commit to doing the offers. Hi, I have signed up but im curious to know if all of this can be done on an ipad? I ditched my laptop a long time ago you see. Is all of this going to work on Apple tablet devices.

Unfortunately not. If you wanted to complete the offers then you will have to ideally have a PC or laptop. However, you could maybe complete the offers if you can get an exchange to work on your iPad, and then complete the bookmaker sign up offers on your mobile. Unless of course you have a useless iPhone, in which case you are stumped again. Android all the way haha.

Thanks for that info!! Then you have double the amount of the advanced platinum offers to get through after that. Once you have completed all of them, you then have the plethora of reloads that the guys find every day and add to the site. This is where you can make the bulk of your ongoing profits. On a Saturday especially, there will usually be more high value reloads to get through than there is time in the day to complete them all!

However, with you being a platinum member you have access to it. If you are not sure what I am talking about then feel free to email me and I can point you in the right direction. What are realistic earnings expectations that can be made from the horse racing and football reloads only after using up the initial sign up bonuses?. Hi Martin, you are welcome. How much time do you have to dedicate to it every day, how quick can you get through the reloads and matching the bets, how quickly can you keep track of everything, how big is your bank?

These are just a few questions which are all important if you are trying to establish what sort of earnings you can make. There are guys in the private Facebook group who make much more than I do from hitting the vast majority of all the reloads on offer, but that will require you to dedicate a few hours a day to it, even once you are proficient at getting through the offers quickly. The best advice I can offer is to just join Profit Accumulator for free, get through the sign ups first and then start doing the reloads.

Only then will you know personally how much time you need to dedicate to achieve the earnings you want. Also, making a couple of grand plus tax free in the process makes it a lot of fun. Does it tell you which bets you should be placing? So by that I mean does it find a bet which has odds which work out in order to allow you to make a profit, or does it just tell you what the offer is and leave it up to you to find a bet with odds that work?

In your second month you should be completing the initial sign up offers at some point depending on how aggressively you are doing the offers , and then you can use your profits as your bank to start tackling the reload offers. Then you have some decent money to play with to start doing reloads. This is a massive time saver and makes the whole process extremely simple. Do most of these bookies require you to send them ID of some description.

They still have my money and it put me of bonus bagging. Really want to get back into it though but am not willing to send them my ID details. Sometimes the bookies will ask you to send them ID to confirm your identity. I personally have never had to do it from what I can remember.

The reason I very rarely am asked for my documents to prove my identity are because I have lived at the same address for a long time and am on the electoral role. The vast majority of bookmakers and bingo sites will check against the electoral role and if they can verify your identity automatically then there will be no need for them to get you to send in your documents to verify your identity.

Hi Jamie I clicked your link but it is still expecting me to pay the new rate to join instead of the old one? You have to remember that if you sign up for the yearly membership, which offers the best value, then you will have paid for it after doing your first 5 sign up offers or so.

That should only take you a couple of days, then you have the rest of the year to amass pure profit. I am thinking of joining profit accumulator but I am wondering how I will manage my bets and keep track of my profits.

Do you use a spreadsheet to record everything? If yes, could i use it too?? Yes, when you join as a platinum member you gain access to a number of different spreadsheets that are custom made for tracking your bets and profits when doing matched betting. There are really simple ones all the way through to more complex ones which can track your profit right down to the last penny. To be sure, I would click here to visit the site and email the support guys directly to get clarification.

As for beginners tips, all I can say is to read and watch absolutely everything in the platinum area of the site, that is all you need. Half way through advanced sign ups now. I assume as I make more money it will get easier as I can do more offers without waiting for withdrawals etc. Regarding the casino and bingo offers, you will find that most of them are not actually risk free.

However, you should definitely do the casino and bingo sign up offers, BUT, only once you have completed all the advanced sign up offers. By that stage you will have a good 4 figure bank, which will allow you to comfortably ride out any variance with doing the casino and bingo offers. This will also answer your other question regarding the waiting for withdrawals.

After your first 2 or 3 weeks you never have to worry about that again. I have read the reviews and all appears really interesting.. I have limited funds and massive debts.. Is this as risk free as it would appear.. Not sure what else I could do to convince you to be honest. Either way, I hope you manage to solve your debt problems whatever you decide to do, best of luck.

Very interesting reading! Iv dipped my toe in the matched betting world and made a few hundred here and there. Also iv not used the casino offers before. I gather that these are not risk free. How much is typically at risk doing these? Have you ever made significant losses?

Thabks mate. Some reload offers are on horse racing and you can place these bets whenever you like. Excellent article Jamie. I assume that all money would be withdrawn from each bookies account? When you have bets that inevitably win with the bookmakers, then you can just withdraw the full balance and then once it lands in your bank account, deposit it back in to your Betfair account so the balance is replenished.

By doing this over and over and following the instructions in Profit Accumulator, you will be able to build a nice additional income in Hi Jamie. Fabulous blog on your year with PA. I did Bonus Bagging so have a few accounts with bookies online. I am retired and wondered if I could make pounds a months spending a couple of hours a day working PA? Thank you for all of the work you put into doing this article for us it was most informative.

Hey Jamie, loved every word of this. Use your initial bank to fund the sign up offers, which will then give you a nice bank to start taking on the reload offers. If you are going to be doing a lot of reload offers every day that require a larger liability in Betfair, then you just really need to keep what you need in there to cover that. You will pick this up as you go along.

The team behind wetten. Contains commercial content. Top 10 Bonuses. Matched Betting Strategy Explained. Last Updated on:. Top Bookmakers. Compare the Best Betting Sites 1. Borgata Highlights. Borgata Review -. Bet Highlights. Bet Review -. Betamerica Highlights.

Betamerica Review -. Unibet Highlights. Unibet Review -. Caesars Highlights. Caesars Review -. Betfair Highlights. Betfair Review -. Sugarhouse Highlights. Sugarhouse Review -. Golden Nugget Highlights. Golden Nugget Review -. Fox Bet Highlights. Fox Bet Review -. The Score Highlights. The Score Review -. William Hill Highlights. William Hill Review -. Show All Providers. Key Takeaways No need to have an in-depth understanding of sports betting Simple strategy allowing you to make a profitable return Completely legal and legitimate Makes use of free bets offered by online sportsbooks Ideal for expert and beginner bettors alike The Matched Betting Explained — How Does It Work?

What is a Back Bet? If Team A loses or draws instead, then you lose your wager. What is a Lay Bet? Looking At The Odds Before we get into the nitty-gritty of using free bets and promotions, we quickly need to cover another vital aspect of the matched betting strategy — looking at and comparing the odds. If the odds differ too much, the risk is reignited, and you could end up losing money.

Betting Markets A betting market is a term used for the different kinds of bets available on various sports offered by a sportsbook or betting site. These offers are in abundance. You can have a look right here to see what welcome bonus offers are currently available. Now, open an account with two sportsbooks or just one if you prefer.

This is your Qualifying Bet needed to access the free bet later on. Next, find a match with equal or similar odds for your Qualifying Bet. Now use your free bet to repeat Step 3. Top Betting Sites. Top Betting Bonuses.

Go to Sports Betting Comparison.

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